I am what they call an "air breather"

HEYYYYY GUYS! I’ve been meaning to do more of these review thingys so yeah here it is (o^.^)o

I’ve wanted to tell the world about the amazingness that is this Heroine Make makeup cuz its pretty damn amazing. I’ve always seen these products but I was kinda discouraged to try them out because they’re a bit pricey for a drug store makeup brand in my opinion.

BUT ANYWAYS lets talk about the eyeliner first.

MOVING ON to the mascara.

If you live in Japan you can get these anywhere makeup is sold. If you’re not in Japan you can get them here: Liquid Liner, Mascara, Mascara Remover

SO IN CONCLUSION, Heroine Make makeup is either made of magic or actual heroin. Either way I’ll still buy their shit cuz its awesome (^3^)


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